2016 Mass. Middle School Cross Country Championships

Start Line Procedure

All Races:

The start line is over 70 meters in length.

All positions on the start line are equidistant to a common point on the course.

Choose your own start box.

Relative positions on start line are on a first-come basis.

There is no saving of position on start line by coaches, parents, non-competing teammates.

All members of teams must report at the same time.

Initially, 4 runners will be placed on the front row with all other teammates behind.

Let your youngsters know that the clerks will give them instructions that might require a shifting of positions on the start line.

Championship Races:

Only teams with at least 5 runners(5-7 to start line) may compete in the Team Championship races.

Make sure your team reports for the correct Divisional Race.

The clerks will take attendance.

If a team runs in the incorrect division race, they will not be scored.

Coaches/parents/spectators should move behind or to the side of the starting line as soon as the clerks request you to do so.

Do not at anytime interfere with the duties of the clerks or other officials.